Fantasy Sport Climbing, a pay-to-play fantasy sport game for climbing

The Challenge

Fantasy Sports Climbing came to us needing a user-friendly pay-to-play fantasy sports game based on the outcome of real life competitions.

Users needed to have the ability to draft individual climbers and watch as real life results determine the outcome of their fantasy players. Their goal was to build a platform that acted as a fun, engaging way to bring climber-lovers everywhere together.

Our Solution

After listening to Fantasy Sport Climbing’s needs and concerns, RBD offered a solution that would be able to accomplish all of their project requirements.

RBD offered to design a user-friendly platform with pay-to-play functionality. Features would allow users to pay via Paypal to allot them credits with which they could draft their fantasy team of climbers. Admins could upload the 1st – 10th place outcome of real life events and, based on the credit system’s algorithm, users’ and climber value total points would be adjusted accordingly.

Additionally, admins could “reset” the game so that at the beginning of every season, the total point system would zero out and users would need to repay to play the new season.


Design & Functionality

We started the process by going over all of the required functionality for the platform that the design would revolve around.

Information Gathering

The Fantasy Sport Climbing team then provided us with all of the information and creatives we needed for every page of the website. This allowed us to quickly start working on the development of the site.


The Final Product

The website took around 4 months to finish and another few weeks of revisions to ensure the site was to their liking. Following the revisions, we tested to be sure the website was working correctly and was fully mobile responsive – all before launching the site.


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